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Latchkey Marketing

Jen Soulé and Erin Dahlquist met while working in the bicycle industry at Veltec Sports, Inc. Working in Sand City, CA, Jen and Erin became fast friends and cycling buddies in one of the most beautiful places on earth: Monterey Bay.
Several job moves later and with both seeking more work/life balance, they left the corporate world behind and formed a business that coincided with their passions: Latchkey Marketing.
Latchkey Marketing
About Latchkey

Why Latchkey and what's with the bluejay?

As children in the 1970s and 80s, we both grew up as “latchkey kids,” independent, resourceful, driven, and instilled with a strong work ethic. When we created Latchkey Marketing, we had a desire to work with like-minded unique, small-to-medium-sized businesses, helping them meet their marketing goals.
For us, bluejays represent creativity & mental clarity. Because of their vibrant color and recognizable squawk, we are reminded to express ourselves fully, bear our true colors to the world, and take pride in the unique impact we can create for our clients and their businesses.
Web Design, Content Creator, Digital Communications Specialist, Copywriter

Erin Dahlquist

After a long marketing career in the sports and law enforcement products industries, I left the corporate world to start Latchkey Marketing with Jen Soulé in 2019.
I love meeting and getting to know new clients. Each one has their own unique personality and sense of style. It’s an adventure to tap into that and create digital imagery and messaging that reflects them and their businesses.
I’m a native Californian who loves to travel, hike, golf, and run. And go wine tasting. I love spending time with my husband, rescue dog Kelsey, and the cat collection - Lucky, Brown Noser, and Fifty-fifty.
SEO Expert, Content Creator, Copywriter, Social Media Advisor, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Jen Soulé

After a sales career in the bicycle and outdoor industries, I earned an MBA and spent time in publishing and website development. In 2019, I started my dream business, Latchkey Marketing, with long-time friend and colleague, Erin. Small businesses often don't know where to start when it comes to creating an online presence. I enjoy providing obtainable goals for creating an online persona that's authentic to each small business that we work with. I grew up and live in Colorado and enjoy cycling, hiking, and surfing. I have two rescue Old English Sheepdogs named Bart and Ellie and I teach yoga at a local studio.

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Why We Do What We Do

Working with the amazing partners at Latchkey Marketing has been invaluable for my online presence. They designed a beautiful website for my business, and made a process I wasn’t looking forward to absolutely painless. They’re responsive, creative, and highly skilled at providing gentle guidance based on their expertise. I highly recommend working with them to establish a powerful online brand.

Cynthia FarrellExecutive Coach, 110 West Group

I have been immensely impressed with Erin and Jen from the first time we worked together. Erin and Jen have built and implemented multiple websites, performed SEO, integrated our websites with embedded 3rd party databases, among many other tasks. They have been invaluable in expanding our internet footprint. Not only would I recommend them highly but they are my #1 referral when my clients are looking for additional help.

Chris JensenVista Commercial Advisors

Latchkey Marketing has been fantastic! I was referred to Erin and Jennifer by a Boulder-county colleague when I was looking for help with my website. I was intrigued with Latchkey Marketing as a woman-owned and operated corporation with some roots in my Colorado backyard. Erin and Jennifer reviewed my website, developed a beautiful strategy for refurbishment, and created an eye-catching website for my corporation. Creative, talented, clever and communicative — incredible businesswomen and great artists. I would highly recommend this duo for any website build or re-build.

Dr. Glenn Herrmann, MD FACSCEO and Founder, Coal Creek Plastic Surgery

Latchkey Marketing certainly saved our deadline. After a failed attempt with a local web designer, we were desperate for action and I reached out to Erin at Latchkey for some possible help. Not only were they flexible enough to start our project immediately, they were more than willing to accommodate our already strained budget. What they pulled together was absolutely top-notch and they always kept the original vision in mind. They quickly delivered us a fully functioning e-commerce site we can't be happier with. Maintenance, upgrades and expansion of our website have always been handled in a quick and professional manner, and prices have been fair from the start. Working with Latchkey Marketing has been a comfortable experience on every project and they are definitely our go-to company for website services.

Michael GuerriniOwner, Smiler LLC dba Peace and Slingshots

I hired Latchkey to help create a website and create an Instagram and Facebook presence. I worked primarily with Erin Dahlquist, who I found to be creative, listen to my goals, be up to date on current technology, and organically promote my business. Once I had my logo and set goals for Latchkey, I walked away from the project; I had the confidence in them to take over without micro-managing every step. I could not be happier with the outcome. I continue to use Latchkey/Erin monthly to manage my Instagram, Facebook, and occasional needs for the website. I highly recommend this company; they are multifaceted and capable of servicing many different industries.

Nan HanksOwner, Ebb & Flow Getaways